For week 6/18 – 6/24/2018

Faithful Promises!!

Psalm 89: 34-37

When Saul turned away from obedience to God, God instructed Samuel to anoint a new King who would be a, ” A man after God’s own heart” ( 1st Samuel 13:14 ). That man was David, during his reign, God made many promises to him about the future. The kingdom grew and prospered during David’s reign and also under the reign of his son solomon. Yet later in His life Solomon turned away from God, and after his death the kingdom was divided. The divided nations were later conquered, and God’s people were scattered.

Did God not keep His promises? Yes He did! Every promise of God is sure. Isaiah 9:7  The throne from which Jesus will rule the world is the throne of David, just as God had promised. Even when it appears that things are not going according to plan, God is still in control. You do not need to doubt, fear, or wonder what to do or how to fix anything, just trust and follow God. The God of the universe, whose promisees are as certain as the sun and the moon, will work to do exactly what He has promised in His word. You can rely on God and have complete confidence and certainty on every promise God has ever made!! God Bless!!